Meet Our Staff

Paul McMellon, RPh

Paul McMellon is the owner of Rx Express Pharmacy of Navarre. After spending almost 18 years in a chain pharmacy setting, Paul knew there was a better way to deliver pharmacy services to patients. He wanted to get back to being able to treat people like people and not just as numbers. In 2002, he decided to open Rx Express Pharmacy.

Nicklaus McMellon, PharmD

Nicklaus McMellon grew up in Rx Express Pharmacy. At a young age, he started as a cashier and worked his way up. He graduated with his pharmacy degree in 2017 and holds a pharmacy license in Florida and Alabama and is a licensed consulting pharmacist in Florida as well.


Why Choose Us

Medication Evaluation

Our staff is trained to be able to detect duplicate medications, therapeutic duplications, as well as ingredient interactions to safe guard your well-being. Our goal is to help you live healthier and this is just one way that we accomplish that goal.

In and Out – That’s our Motto!

Our team is trained to get you IN and OUT as quickly as possible. We guarantee that you won’t have to wait very long and our “average” wait time is under 15 minutes! Talk about FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE!!

Best Prices in Town!

Our team spends countless hours calling around getting the best prices on prescription, and we competitively price our prescriptions to be the best price around. Feel free to ask one of our staff members for a price quote on your next prescription.

Knowledgable Staff

Our staff is trained to help you with every prescription need. Whether you have a question about Medicaid Share-Of-Cost, Insurance Billing, or what medication is best for you – feel free to ask one of our staff members today on how we can better serve you.