Point of Care Testing

Rx Express is proud to offer point of care testing in our pharmacy. Currently, we are offering Strep Throat, Flu, UTI, and COVID testing.

Point of Care testing allows our pharmacists to screen and test patients for these common types of infections at the pharmacy. Eligible patients who test positive can be provided treatment right in the pharmacy!

Benefits of getting tested in our pharmacy:

  • Our cost is lower than getting tested at many of the local clinics. Most of our tests cost $65 or less. Patients will pay for the test and any medication that is dispensed. We also offer agreements to local businesses to be able to provide even greater cost savings to their employees.

  • Getting tested and treated at our pharmacy saves time. In most situations, a patient can be screened, tested, and be headed home with an appropriate treatment in half an hour.

  • Pharmacists are able to help ensure you receive a safe treatment regimen. By providing us with what medications you are taking and what allergies you have, we can help guide treatment to keep you as safe as possible.

  • Being treated directly at the pharmacy allows us to have the flexibility to quickly choose a medication that is most affordable for you. Instead of receiving a prescription for an item that is expensive or not covered by insurance, our pharmacists have flexibility, within our protocols, to select a medication that is covered or more affordable.

People do have some questions about being tested and receiving treatment in a pharmacy.

  • Can anyone walk in and get tested? Most of the time, absolutely! Patients with severe symptoms, such a trouble breathing, may be referred to an ER or their primary care provider.

  • What if my test is negative? A negative test still helps to guide treatment. Our pharmacists can help recommend over the counter cough syrups, antipyretics, and other medications.

  • How is a pharmacist able to give me a test and treatment? Pharmacists providing this service must have additional training through a state approved program. Our pharmacy also has a collaborating physician who periodically reviews our work to make sure patients are being treated to the highest standard.

  • Can I use my insurance to cover the test? Unfortunately, we cannot bill insurances for the test. Currently, our tests cost $65 or less. We may be able to bill your insurance for any prescription medication that is dispensed.

Pharmacies are changing to become health care destinations. Rx Express is doing so much more than just filling prescriptions in 15 minutes or less. Our staff is compounding, providing immunizations, performing MTM services, and now providing point of care testing to help your family get tested and treated, as quickly as possible. Feel free to call or stop by to ask about this program.